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Michael is represented by Adams Literary: for any enquiry, please contact the agency.


Keepers of The Stones and Stars is a witty, young adult, contemporary epic fantasy about a cheeky quintet of teens chosen by magical gems to save the world.

A standalone companion to One Man Guy, about two teenage boys who learn the power of love, betrayal and forgiveness.

“A love sandwich of Armenian-American culture and romantic anguish with extra kissing and a side of LGBTQ+ empowerment. So. Much. Fun.” 


— E. Lockhart, author of We Were Liars and Genuine Fraud


Michael Barakiva's One Man Guy is a romantic, moving, laugh-out-loud-funny story about what happens when one person cracks open your world and helps you see everything―and, most of all, yourself―like you never have before.



String Theory

Three Greek myths, neatly tied together by one common theme: string.

Email me for a copy!

By Michael Barakiva, Sarah Braunstein & Amy Boyce Holtcamp 

The Nature of Things

Lucretious, an ambitious philosopher/scientist in Ancient Rome, is one epic poem away from getting everything he wants.  A modern take into a classical tale, inspired by De Rerum Natura, the poem whose discovery is considered the main force in ushering in the Renaissance.

Email me for a copy!

By Michael Barakiva 

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