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Reviews and Testimonials

Perfect Arrangement by Topher Payne, Primary Stages

"Under Michael Barakiva's direction, the cast is uniformly appealing."

                                                                                    - New York Times

Welcome To My Rash & Third by Wendy Wasserstein, Theatre J

"The clever direction, by Michael Barakiva, is inventive and smart."

- David Templeton

The Music Man by Meredith Wilson, Nevada Conservatory Theatre

"Barakiva's main contribution is that he doesn't over-respect the material. You never get the feeling you're watching a stale classic. There's a self-mocking giddiness beneath these characters that makes the script alive and new."

"The director has assembled the broadest range of talent in the six-year history of Nevada Conservatory Theatre."

"Barakiva’s adaptation and his direction polish the sharp edges of Chekhov’s comedic sensibility, presenting a play that cuts you to the quick even as you laugh."

- Anthony Del Valle (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

"It is perhaps director Barakiva's foremost, overarching achievement that he presents a thoroughly credible sense of family with his strong, charismatic cast."

- Brook Stowe

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